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Ready to join up?

Lets get started...

  • Are you a Team Manager and would like to submit a team? If so register your team HERE.

  • Are you aged between 6 and 12? You will be in our Junior Comp, register yourself HERE.

  • Are you 13+? You will be in our Senior Comp, register yourself HERE.

Please NOTE: The age you turn in 2020 is the age group you will be in.

Some quick facts...

  • All competitions will be played on a Wednesday from 4pm on one of the fields allocated on our MAP GUIDE.

  • The Junior Comp will be for children aged between 6 and 12 years with two separate groups, mini's and mod's. Mini's will be 20 minute games and Mod's will be 40 minutes games.

  • The cost is $50 for Juniors with includes registration and team singlet. The cost for Seniors is $900 per team (13+) + $100 bond.

  • Draws for each competition can be found HERE.

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